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RE: [IPk] carb counting, fats and proteins etc


Another link with a furture explaination if you havent come across it yet.

I sure there are others with personal expirence of dealing with this problem.


Mum of Sasha

> Thanks for the messages which seemed to emanate from Pat's response to my
> statement that I eat low carb (50-80g per day) but still have problems with
> getting good fasting bgs.  It is really helpful (though a bit confusing!) to
> hear a bit more on this topic.  When I was "taught" carb counting I wasn't
> told anything about fats and proteins (except of course that fat is
> baaaaaddddd), glycemic index etc. etc.  Basically I was just told to count
> the starchy carb in a meal and give 1 unit humalog for every 10-15g.
> Wouldn't it be great if life were that simple?  (I wouldn't be in this
> discussion group and fighting for a pump for one thing!)
> So as usual, a raft of questions - 
> I'm trying to get my head around what effect fat and protein has on bg.  I
> am seeing the term gluconeogenesis used, but does this only happen when the
> body is starved of CHO.  (Does anyone know how low you would have to go for
> this to kick in?)  Might this explain some meals where I have less than 10g
> CHO and bg starts to rise after 2-4 hours??
> GI - do people use this?  I was a total convert to low GI for a few months
> but suspect that humalog action was finishing before the slow releasing
> carb, so getting good bg at +2 hours but rising several points at +4 hours.
> When I do eat carb now I tend to go for higher GI e.g. potatoes.  
> Re. low carb diets, Pat you asked whether I am just substituting CHO for fat
> and protein.  I would say I do eat a bit more protein but tend to go for low
> fat varieties e.g. tofu.  I have also discovered the wonders of soya flour -
> about 1/3 of CHO content of wheat flour.  Typical day for me would be
> Breakfast - 2 soya flour cheese scones (12g CHO)
> Lunch - tofu and vegetable stir fry
> Dinner - lean meat, loads of veg, 2 egg sized new potatoes
> I seem to need about 1 unit of humalog for every 5g CHO which seems really
> high .... But 1 unit of h does lower my bg by 2.5 - 3 points which is
> apparently typical, so can't quite figure out whether I am insulin sensitive
> or not.
> Would love any perspectives on any of the above as it confuses the hell out
> of me at the best of times!
> Louise
> 32, dxd Jan 2003, MDI Lantus x2 Humalog x3/4/5, aspirational pumper
> p.s. for bread lovers - Burgen bread with soya and linseed is gorgeos, and
> only about 10g total carb per slice.  I've found it at Tesco and Safeway.
> Apparently the lowest GI bread you can get.
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