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[IPk] carb counting, fats and proteins etc

Thanks for the messages which seemed to emanate from Pat's response to my
statement that I eat low carb (50-80g per day) but still have problems with
getting good fasting bgs.  It is really helpful (though a bit confusing!) to
hear a bit more on this topic.  When I was "taught" carb counting I wasn't
told anything about fats and proteins (except of course that fat is
baaaaaddddd), glycemic index etc. etc.  Basically I was just told to count
the starchy carb in a meal and give 1 unit humalog for every 10-15g.
Wouldn't it be great if life were that simple?  (I wouldn't be in this
discussion group and fighting for a pump for one thing!)
So as usual, a raft of questions - 
I'm trying to get my head around what effect fat and protein has on bg.  I
am seeing the term gluconeogenesis used, but does this only happen when the
body is starved of CHO.  (Does anyone know how low you would have to go for
this to kick in?)  Might this explain some meals where I have less than 10g
CHO and bg starts to rise after 2-4 hours??
GI - do people use this?  I was a total convert to low GI for a few months
but suspect that humalog action was finishing before the slow releasing
carb, so getting good bg at +2 hours but rising several points at +4 hours.
When I do eat carb now I tend to go for higher GI e.g. potatoes.  
Re. low carb diets, Pat you asked whether I am just substituting CHO for fat
and protein.  I would say I do eat a bit more protein but tend to go for low
fat varieties e.g. tofu.  I have also discovered the wonders of soya flour -
about 1/3 of CHO content of wheat flour.  Typical day for me would be
Breakfast - 2 soya flour cheese scones (12g CHO)
Lunch - tofu and vegetable stir fry
Dinner - lean meat, loads of veg, 2 egg sized new potatoes
I seem to need about 1 unit of humalog for every 5g CHO which seems really
high .... But 1 unit of h does lower my bg by 2.5 - 3 points which is
apparently typical, so can't quite figure out whether I am insulin sensitive
or not.
Would love any perspectives on any of the above as it confuses the hell out
of me at the best of times!
32, dxd Jan 2003, MDI Lantus x2 Humalog x3/4/5, aspirational pumper
p.s. for bread lovers - Burgen bread with soya and linseed is gorgeos, and
only about 10g total carb per slice.  I've found it at Tesco and Safeway.
Apparently the lowest GI bread you can get.

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