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RE: [IPk] amy's progress so far

If I could manage on 4 injections a day with the same level
of control that I have with a pump now I would go back in a
second - so it is always worth trying.  I still rather miss
my pen I must admit.

As discussed several times on this site a good HbA1c does not
mean good control.  If your daughter shows a lot of swings
with 4 injections a day then you still have a case for a pump
even with a good HbA1c.

I funded my pump myself but my local PCT fund my consumables
(after a lot of letters, phone calls and shouting).  It can
be done that way but should be the last resort I think,
because if MDI does not work for you daughter, your PCT
should pay.

I can't comment on hospitals except to say that although I
live in Berks I choose (with my GP's support) to be seen in
London.  I used to go to St Thomas but switched to Guys when
I went on a pump (large pump clinic).  There is choice but
you do have to fight for it.  I also changed my GP once when
I landed with a particularly unsupportive one. Sometimes
stroppy pays!



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 On Tuesday I visited my daughters diabetes centre to discuss
the possibility of
them funding a pump.I couldn't talk to Amy's consultant but I
did manage to talk
to one of the nurses whom has been very positive in our
situation. She listened
to our case and said that Amy's HbA1c of 9.7 was unacceptable
and that we should
possibly change her daily injections from 2- 4 a day for six
to eight weeks. She
said that if this doesn't give her more control we would have
a good case for
the pump.

She has agreed to see us at home to discuss the matter
further on Friday.

 I would like to know what happens if Amy's HbA1c after the
new injection
therapy improves. I firmly believe that pump therapy is the
way forward, Amy is
a popular girl and many people have said they would help us
with the purchase of
a pump. If we were able to buy the pump privately would Amy's
diabetes centre be
able to help us or could we go to another health authority
which has more
experience in pump therapy, as the one which we are under at
the moment does not
have any pump users.

 I need to ask the right questions on Friday so has anyone
got any more
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