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RE: [IPk] meeting NICE guidelines

Beverley thanks for your quick response (and Jackie and Melissa too)
It is really helpful to know that you have a funded pump with Hba1c <7, so
obviously the NICE guidelines can be open to interpretation.  Melissa, I
have tried taking Lantus at night, first thing and early evening and
couldn't get past the problem of being low 6-8 hours after taking it and
high at 18-24 hours.  Increasing the dose to reduce the highs only means
more hypos in the first few hours.  For the past 2 months I have been taking
a split dose of Lantus - 14 units in the morning and 2 at night.  This
seemed to be working OK (ish) until recently when I started going
increasingly low overnight.  Maybe the build up you refer too?  Since today
I am reducing my night dose to 1 unit and increasing the morning dose to 16.
Hopefully reducing my breakfast and lunch Humalog will mean I don't go too
low from the Lantus.
My biggest struggle since being dxd has been to get a decent fasting BG.
Post meal tends to be fine (so long as I eat low carb) but can't seem to get
pre-meal down to the 4-6 level.  Also with Lantus I am constantly on either
an upward or downward curve, never flat.  This has to be factored into to my
bolus shots along with CHO and BG.  
My consultant told me yesterday that more and more people are reporting
problems with Lantus.
Thanks again.

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