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Re: [IPk] meeting NICE guidelines


 Some of us choose to limit ourselves to less than 50 - 80 g carb per day to
achieve good dm control - but that's our choice.
 I was going to say not one forced on us, but thinking about it, I'd love to eat
carbs but the blighters constantly do a number on me :-)

 Anyway to cut to the core of your note (IMHO), I'd download all bg readings and
produce graphs to show the RANGE of your control
 to produce the "excellent" HbA1C. May mean, more tests in the short term, but
if it helps you get on the pump and have fun trying for your
 pregnancy (no comments, Gus!) then hamburger fingers for a short time may be
worth it.

 If you have associated infections from erratic bgs e.g. boils, ear infections,
thrush etc also worth noting down and frequency.

 Keep a detailed diary and present that at the pump clinic. Amazing how even
those of us who are allegedly "on the ball" forget things
in a clinic situation.

Want to see my tee-shirt? <G>

All the best

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