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RE: [IPk] meeting NICE guidelines


I am funded with a pump despite never having had an Hba1c
higher than 6.8!  The "good" HbA1c was achieved by severe
night time hypos (lots of night sweats and periods of
unconcsiousness confirmed by my husband  but slept through by
me!).  My problem was that I couldn't reduce my insulatard of
I would be very high in the morning (I have quite pronounced
Dawn Phenomena which requires a doubling of my normal basal
rate between 1 and 4 am).  I always chose to be low rather
than high.  This however was clearly not an ideal situation
given that my husband travels a lot and I am in the house
with two small children on my own quite often.  It was on
this basis that I was funded for a pump.  As everyone knows
on this list a good HbA1c is great but it is not the whole


Iddm 27 years
Minimed 508 2 years

Beverley Smith
Consultant Development Geologist
SNS Team Leader
ph 0118 929 2422
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