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[IPk] meeting NICE guidelines

Hi all
 Went for a follow up with my consultant yesterday. Writing the letter outlining
all my current 'issues' was a great help as we were able to cut to the chase!
Told her again that it is my plan to start trying for another baby in 2004 and
this is what is driving me. These were the option she gave me:

 *Stay on Lantus/Humalog. However they have taken a decision to not keep
pregnant women on Lantus, but might be persuaded if control was excellent (given
all the problems i've had with Lantus this is unlikely)

 *Wait for new Detemir due out in March, but same issues as with Lantus for

 *Start Insulatard instead of Lantus (aargh). Can anyone give me a steer on
this? Can't imagine it would be better than Lantus

*Pump ....

 So she is in theory up for it though not making any promises whatsoever. Next
step is she will refer me to the pump clinic and see what they think about my

 The big problem is my Hba1c was 6.1%!! But I am only in target about 50% of the
time. I suspected I'd been having nighttime hypos and not waking, and this
result confirms it as there is no way my daytime readings would give 6.1%
result. No awful hypos (fits, passing out etc.) but just waking up feeling
'hungover' and sometimes unexplained high bg.

 So again the impression I am getting is that this is a fantastic result in
their eyes and they would have no problem with me getting pregnant. However I
don't think I could go through the first 3 months getting the kinds of readings
I currently get without having a nervous breakdown!

 Hopefully I will get to the pump clinic before Christmas. If anyone has any
tips on how I could play it with them I would really aprpeciate it.

 (Of course I am only getting this "great" Hba1c by eating a very restrictive
diet - 50-80g CHO max per day. My consultant appreciates that this is not an
acceptable situation)

Thanks for all the support so far.

32, dxd January 2003, aspirational pumper!
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