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[IPk] Re:Cyprus & Various

Firstly, Cyprus.
My pump & I have visited Cyprus about 20 times in past 5 years. Have flown 
BA & Cyprus Airways with no problems - in fact only good news. On one Cyprus 
Airways flight fellow passenger (newly diagnosed Type 1) had carefully 
packed all equipment in hold. My ability to supply insulin, sterile syringe, 
blood testing kit and wipe earned me a bottle of Champagne.
Injecting or removing/inserting caused no problems - just be a little 
discrete - and Cypriot pharmacists are very helpful if you have any 
problems. Cyprus is a beautiful and welcoming Country that I would recommend 
to everyone. The people are really friendly and if you are lucky you will 
have some "Melissa moments" giving you the opportunity to explain the 
wonders of the pump.
In the heat you just need to be careful. I find insulin requirements usually 
half, but you just keep on testing & reacting accordingly. I have never had 
a hypo in Cyprus, and always felt safe. Am back there on business in January 
and will warn my colleagues in Limassol of a possible pumpers invasion.

Re Funding:
Surely time has come to get some political action. I know I am "lucky" in 
that I got my funding without problem. But with 20+ years pumping and doing 
more experiments than I care to recall (anyone else done the water loading 
test? Nightmare time!) I feel I have earned it. But that does not mean that 
all the totally merited cases we hear about on this list do not deserve 
action. I plan to call John (two jags, 4 houses, Dep. PM & Type 2) Prescott 
and see if he can help. The deliberate evasion by some PCTs is frankly 
criminal. Does not help that some Doctors/Consultants appear so negative but 
how many of them are Type 1? The statistic I think needs researching is: How 
many Medics with type 1 use a pump? I understand that in USA it is very high 
but now cannot find statistics. Can anyone help with this?

And finally:
Xmas is coming. Any other London based Pumpers want to meet up and have a 
chat, a few drinks & nibbles? - ok, the chat & nibbles are optional! Please 
post any interest. Happy to try & organize near Paddington so Oxford based 
drinkers, opps sorry pumpers can attend!

Ian Grant

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