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Re: [IPk] Which infusion set?

Dear Steve,

Do you have saline? If not, I would caution you against putting in either of 
the infusion sets until you have saline in the pump. If there isn't 
something liquid (saline, insulin, chemo drugs, morphine, whatever else a 
pump can get used for) flowing IN, then blood (as blood is wont to do, 
according to the circulatory system and fluid dynamics) may well try to flow 
OUT. You will get a red line of blood in your tubing (or at least the bit of 
plastic sitting on top of your skin will turn red)...both scary-looking and 
a waste of an infusion set. That's my experience, though I will admit that 
in many ways I am a weird chick.

As for which set, something to be pumped notwithstanding, very few people 
I've met (except for Pat!) have liked Sof-sets best. I found Silhouettes all 
right for about 5 years before I switched to Quick-sets.  I don't plan to 
look back, but a Silhouette may frustrate you less than a Sof-set in the 
first instance. An insertion angle of something between 35 and 45 degrees 
was always more comfortable for me than 30 degrees, but YMMV.


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