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Re: [IPk] Re: Pump Holiday

> Hi Pat
>  Thanks for your reply. I take your comments on board. I think the
>  two
> underlying reasons for thinking of time off the pump were: 1) I am
> finding it a little difficult to sort out my basals. Even when I
> fast and adjust they change within a couple of days. Maybe I'm going
> through that male almost forty thing!!

More likely a series of unrelated thing that keep pushing your basals 
out of wack. I recall a similar problem with my daughter 6 or 7 years 
ago. It took us an entire month just to profile her nights. Every 
time we'd do it, the next run would produce different results. When 
we finally nailed it, it was over a year before they needed to be 
tweaked again. .... that's pretty good for a growing teen. The key 
really is to be persistant and take your time. Select a single period 
to work on like "nights", fast, do the check, and skip a day or two, 
then do it again until the shape of the curve for the points is 
repeatable. Then tweak and repeat. Work your way around the clock 
"slowly" until you get it right. There is a tool on the web site to 
help show what potential basal changes will do. Check the HOWTO 

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