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Re: [IPk] Which infusion set?

Hi Steve,
 Personally i didn't get on very well with the Silhouette and i haven't tried
the Sof-Set. I'm currently using the Quick-Set along with the Quick Serter to
get the canula into my skin. I find this set really comfortable and very easy to
insert with the Quick-Serter. Like the Silhouette when your unpluged from the
pump all that is left is the canula. If you have only been given the Sof-Set and
the Silhouette set the information i've given you probably isn't that helpful :/
Anyway best of luck to you.

Steve Hargreaves <email @ redacted> wrote:
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Hi there,

OK - as part of my "training" I've decided to have the rest of the night
actually attached to the pump (it's OK - the pump isn't actually doing anything
- just sitting in my pocket) to get an idea of how it will feel.

Unfortunately, the hospital only sent me home with two Silhouette sets and one
Sof-set. So, which set do people find most comfortable and practical.

I can see a benefit with the Silhouette in that when the pump is detached, it
only leaves the canula behind, rather than some tubing, but the Sof-set seemed
to go in more easily and with less pain (inserted manually).

Unfortunately, now I've tested the Sof-set I won't get a chance to walk around
with it plugged in (I never thought to leave it there).

Any informed opinions on this would be helpful.

All the best

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