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Re: [IPk] Skiing with a pump

Hi Rachel,

When I went skiing in the winter of 2001 (couldn't go last year) my insulin 
requirements went down by *half* after 36 hours at the ski resort. I didn't 
bolus for lunch at all even after halving my basal rates: spending the 
afternoon on the piste used up plenty of glucose. I vividly remember aiming 
to have my bg to 12 before bed and waking with it below 4.5 because of all 
the exercise (and alcohol).

My pump never got very cold as I wore it with the clip on the outside of my 
waistband (can you visualise that?). The screen of my pump faced my vest, 
which was tucked into my ski trousers (resisting the urge to call 'em 
'pants'). Putting the pump just against my skin might have gotten it 
sweaty/felt rather icky, I thought. I kept my bg meter in the inside breast 
pocket of my ski jacket and put it in my armpit if it got too cold to work 
(old trick that still works). I kept a few Nutri-grain bars in the jacket 
pocket with my meter in case of hypos, which was a good idea. Glucose tabs 
would have been wise too, just not in a plastic tube (would have given me a 
bruiseI fell down again and again). Don't know how skiing would affect me 
differently now as I am much more fit than 2 years ago (about 2 stone 
lighter and a lot stronger).

What a week it was...I'd go again this year if I weren't having carpal 
tunnel surgery in a few weeks. Roll on ski season 2005-06!


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