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Re: [IPk] Second hand pump - what to do??

Hi Louise
As a midwife, mother, and type 1 DM for more than 40 years I don't kbow if I 
can be of any help with regard to you trying for another baby. You say you 
developed gestational diabetes/impaired glucose tolerance during your first 
pregnancy, Is there any chance you could have been developing type 1 then 
and that afterwards was the honeymoon period so could be off insulin?
This could be the reason your Diabertes is so difficult to control in such a 
short duration. Humalog is not licensed in pregnancy,not because it is 
dangerous, but they do not test drugs on pregnant women and what drug 
company nowadays is going to take the risk? There are very few drugs 
licensed for pregnancy nowadays for this reason.
Having said that it is the policy in our unit to leave a mother who is 
already successfully treated with Humalog to continue with her current 
prescription. If you find Lantus successful by the time you got pregnant 
they may leave you on it for the same reason as they leave people continue 
Humalog, In fact Humalog may be licensed now.
I can understand your concerns about pregnancy and DM. You should discuss 
your concerns with your clinic and find out about how they work with the 
mums to achieve a successful pregnancy.If you are not satisfied ask about 
other hospitals that are within a reasonable travelling distance from your 
home. Do they run combined antenatal and diabetic clinics so that you spend 
minimal time at the hospital? Do they have an open door policy?. Is there a 
named midwife who cares for diabetic women? Some hospitals offer this as 
often the DSNs are very busy and their sole interest is not always 
  The placenta is a Diabetogenic organ within your body,spilling out 
hormones that antagonise your blood sugar.It changes in function and size 
throughout the pregnancy. That is why one's control becomes so difficult in 
pregnancy, but being anxious about your BG more than adds to that like a 
vicious circle. The best thing to do is correct the high and be careful as 
your sensitivity to insulin changes throughout pregnancy. Of course you must 
not beat yourself up about it! Be careful too about driving as your hypo 
awareness can fade-some of my worst hypos ever were when pregnant (but not 
driving!) which is why I think the pump should be given to all pregnant 
women who can manage it.
Some hospitals now start women on the pump for that reason hopefully before 
they become pregnant to acheive optimal control. I have read some studies 
that show one off raised bg has no effect on the fetus -it is hyperglycaemia 
continually that causes the problem. If you would like copies I can send 
them to you. Labour itself too is one of the most important times to have a 
stable blood sugar so as not to let the baby's blood sugar rise so as it 
produces too much  insulin and goes hypo after delivery. I do hope that 
having DM does not put you off having another baby. when I was in that 
clinic I used to meet women who had not got a clue about DM control and the 
effects on pregnancy and it wasn't for want of trying to educate them -they 
just did not seem to want to understand and against all odds would deliver a 
perfect little baby.
As for the pump i have a 508 but don't use the extra functions I bought it 
for because they use too much battery power-even the light! I did not think 
they were still sellimg the 507s but would have bought one for the price.
I hope this helps-if you want to ask any more questions don't hesitate

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