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Re: [IPk] Second hand pump - what to do??

Hi Louise,

I am seen at Kings in south London and most of the people I know from there 
(who I met through a DAFNE course) are on Lantus, but they didn't see it as 
an option for me.

The scan went really well, I am 12 and a half weeks along, and the baby at 
this stage looks like it has all the right pieces in the right places!  I 
got to hear its heartbeat, and the scanner had some fun trying to get it to 
roll over from its tummy to its back (to check for an indication of 
Downs...). It is 6.8cm long, and I go back in 4 weeks for another scan where 
they can tell better if there is anything wrong.

I found out after about 4 weeks and till then my bgs were "normal", after 
then my insulin needs seemed to go up for about a week, but now I am hypoing 
all the time and am on less insulin than when I started.  Adjusting basal 
needs is definitely easier on the pump, and I am expecting that after about 
week 17 insulin needs will go up again.

While I was at the hospital yesterday I also got my HbA1c done and it has 
gone down from 6 to 5.7, so I am pretty pleased at how things are going at 
this stage (still early days yet I know!).

All the best Louise with your journey to and along mother-to-be-hood!


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