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Re: [IPk] Humalog

I remember having a "day strength" and a "night strength" syringe ... my 
day one was usually around 22u/s of 40IU per ml strength Actrapid in N/S to 
a total of 2ml, night was about 14u/-

And yep I used a Mill Hill, and also a Graseby NS16A (which I still have), 
but I vaguely recall using something else for a very very short time, a 
pump which had a full metal casing and actually had a small hinged (and 
L-shaped) cover to the syringe area....  I have no idea what it was, and I 
know I only used it from about May 1978 to about September same year before 
going on to a MillHill.

I'm pretty sure I moved from Monotard, Ultratard and a later mix of Lente 
and Semi-lente or ultra-lente to Actrapid in May 1977 when I was first put 
on MDI (I had a doctor way ahead of the times). Then again, it may well 
have had a different name in the UK to here...?

And I am fully expecting England to win the WC, but to be quite honest, I 
don't actually care that much :) My 15yo tells me it is sacrilege for me to 
even suggest a possibility, but I like to think I'm a realist, even if she 
is not :) There certainly won't be any whinging from this quarter.

I agree that diabetes comes second (within reason!). I am a person first, a 
diabetic second - something my mother unfortunately never understood - and 
I do what needs doing to stay well and active blah blah blah, but I don't 



At 02:53 AM 20/11/2003, you wrote:
>When I started pumping back in 1981 we had to dilute the Insulin as the 
>pump was not clever enough (old MillHill infuser) to give different 
>boluses. It took nearly a week to work out the right dilution rate to get 
>best results. We were still using the old U80 Insulin & for me I diluted 4 
>parts saline to one part Insulin. Seemed to work OK & I'm still here to 
>tell the story! I do not remember Actrapid being around in 1978, certainly 
>not in UK.
>The moral is that at the end of the day, until we get loads of GPs like 
>Tony, we really have to take control ourselves. My personal view is to 
>make sure life comes first, diabetes second - very difficult without a pump.
>Ian Grant
>PS Assume there will be a week of wingeing, moaning and complaining in 
>Australia after England win the World Cup on Saturday - Cheers from 
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