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Re: [IPk] Re:Humalog

It's interesting...

I used (diluted) Actrapid (porcine, "mono-component" and human) in my early 
days of pumping (1978-1995), then Humalog for a number of years both in MDI 
and pumping (1997-2003), and have recently switched to Novorapid in my pump 
with quite dramatic positive results. (The missing two years were MDI using 
Actrapid and not seeing an endocrinologist).

Personally, I think if you're willing to work at it, you can make virtually 
any insulin system work - at least to the best it will (I have had numerous 
inexplicable disasters in the past).

Interestingly, I was told by my most recent endocrinologist in October that 
as far as he is concerned, Novorapid is the only insulin recommended and 
approved for CSII. I have found it very good, but have been fortunate to 
really direct where my diabetic management goes rather than having to rely 
on the "experts" (ie. the insulin change was at my instigation, not his).

Possibly food for thought...


At 06:46 PM 19/11/2003, you wrote:

>I have been using Humalog in my pump since 1998 - I was the only pump 
>patient at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary at the time. The Consultant there had 
>been reading up on pumps and if I remember correctly, he had seen a paper 
>somewhere recommending Humalog for pumps. So we discussed pros & cons (all 
>usual problems of changing Insulin) and we decided to switch from Actrapid 
>to Humalog. The change went without a hitch and if anything my hypo 
>awareness increased.
>Ian Grant
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