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You must be extra special John because I was on a pump under the care of 
Edwin Gale in the 80s in fact Stephanie Amiel who put me on the pump was his 
reg!! he just left me get on with it!
Carmel with best wishes

>From: John Neale <email @ redacted>
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>To: email @ redacted
>Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 12:43:47 +0100
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> >hi john, its not just a case of how much you value optimal health, im 
> >most people want the best care but unfortunately a lot of people like me
> >just cant afford this kind of money, we are on a low income and #100 is a
> >lot of money to us and is needed to feed and clothe us.
>I promise you I am not rich, Gail. Really. Honestly. My wife and I have cut
>our outgoings to a bare minimum. No car. No mortgage. No TV. Summer holiday
>this year was 5 nights away - last year it was 2 nights. I very rarely buy
>new clothes - but when I do I buy nice things. But when I bought a pump, I
>had cash in the bank at the time.
>Incidently, I did once go to a diabetes appointment once at the Bristol
>Royal Infirmary, and found that my diabetes specialist was in fact my
>GP!!!!! He had just retired from general practice, and had taken up a part
>time post at the diabetes clinic. I can honestly say he knew bog all about
>diabetes, and I was disgusted that I had wasted my bus fare going in to the
>hospital. I decided to nod gormlessly at whatever he said, and get out. (He
>was concerned I was testing my BG almost everyday, and sometimes several
>times a day!) That was when I headed off to see a private specialist. I had
>had enough. Next time I went to the BRI, I was on a pump, and was seen by
>the new head, Prof Edwin Gale, who was so anxious about this patient of his
>putting himself on a pump, that he gave me his home number to ring in case
>I had any problems...
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