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[IPk] Medtronic & MRI

In defense of Medtronic, my black leather pump cover for my now "old but 
faithful" 506 is falling to bits. After 5 years wear & tear - and not one 
problem with pump - has done pretty well. Anyway I called Medtronic late 
last Friday - new leather cover delivered to my office this afternoon, 
Tuesday. Not bad I feel.

Over 10 years ago I volunteered to do 2 MRI Brain scans - first with Bg 
below 2 and second with Bg between 15 & 20. Researchers wanted to see how 
brain behaved at different Bgs. Have to say I went into St Thomas's London 
the night before and took pump off. I was fitted with 4 tubes, one for 
intravenous insulin, one for glucose, one for dye and one to extract blood 
for testing. That way they got my Bg to exact point they wanted. At 2 I was 
just OK, I had a button to press if I was worried and they were testing Bg 
every 5 mins. I understand I got as low as 1.4 and could still send 
messages.I was in Scanner for 45 minutes and only three problems:
a) The noise
b) The boredom
c) The cold.
With high Bg I did feel sick throughout but survived it.
I too have beautiful 3D pictures of my brain - it was great to discover that 
there was something between my ears other than fresh air!

On both occasions as soon as the experiment ended I was told my last Bg, put 
pump on and adjusted accordingly. After low Bg test had first Mars bar in 25 
years to remind myself why I hated them anyway.
Only problem was that they didn't seem to learn anything useful from the 
Moral of story is that MRI scan isn't so bad and my experience is that they 
look after you very well. If there is anything you are concerned about - 
ask. Have to say I was really chuffed with pictures of my beautiful brain 

Ian Grant

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