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[IPk] Second hand pump - what to do??

Any advice greatly appreciated!
 I was supposed to see my consultant today but she is away so can't see her
until 25th. Last visit 3 months ago HBa1c was 6.7%, expect it to be the same
again this time as bgs are similar (can only achieve this with v. low carb
diet). However I am really pushing on the pregnancy issue (would like to try in
04) and even at this level of control I fall outside conception and pregnancy
targets 70% of time. So ... don't know whether she will recommend pump but think
she will say control is "too good".

 Meanwhile I have seen an opportunity to buy a second hand 508 pump (used for 1
month but user preferred going back to jabs) at 20% of normal price. Has anyone
else done this or considered it? What are the implications? I know minimed gives
a lot of support to new users. Will they refuse to help me if I don't buy new?
Can I still buy consumables? I have 2 days to make a decision!

Thanks for any guidance
(T1 dxd Jan 03, lantus x2 and humalog x3/4/5)
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