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Re: [IPk] MRI Scan

>Good luck. I hope they show you the pretty coloured picture of your brain!

Sadly my MRIs weren't in colour - just black and white (or rather, grey on
grey as it seemed to my eyes). I do have two further scans done every 3
months - a SPECT where they rotate a large slab around my head which lasts
about an hour, and a CT scan, which does I think come out in colour. Or
have I got the SPECT and CT mixed up? Nevermind... But in all 3 scans they
stick a needle in my arm, and infuse me with something that increases the
contrast of the scans or something like that.

The result of the MRI was quite fun though... having 120 photos of my
brain. It does a cross section every few millimetres, top to bottom, left
to right, front to back.

Quick update on my brain tumour: I'm still on the hotlist at the hospital,
and I go back in every 3 months for scans. There's still something there.
After the operation a year ago I've had 2 regrowths, which have been
treated with chemotherapy. The June course seemed to have merely contained
the latest regrowth, not removed it, so I did another course in September,
and I wait till December to learn the outcome.

I'm back driving again, by the way. When we went on holiday 2 weeks ago, my
wife was the assigned driver. She went to pick up the hire car from Sixt,
and mentioned that her husband had had an epileptic fit 14 months ago, and
they said if the doctors hadn't forcefully removed my license (which they
hadn't) and if I had had no attacks for the last 6 months (which I hadn't)
then their insurance covered me to drive. So I happily took to the drivers
seat again.


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