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Re: [IPk] Food and diet

In a message dated 11/10/2003 10:30:30 AM GMT Standard Time, email @ redacted 

> There has been alot of talk about getting the bolus right for certain 
> foods/meals . What do people eat??
> I thought the pump was supposed to help you have a more normal diet and 
> still 
> keep numbers steady. I know there is alot of hard work involved but it seems 
> alot of people cut certain foods from their diet to keep their numbers 
> within 
> range rather than use the pump.
Hi Denise,

I think that Lesley's response says most of it, but I'd just like to add a 

When I started pumping I was told I could eat anything I wanted, have sugar 
in coffee etc.  That doesn't work for me, mainly because bolus to effect in me 
takes well over an hour (and to be honest, after 30+ years I have no desire to 
eat sugary foods anyway). What the pump does give me is much finer control - 
my basal needs are very variable, from 0.3 to 0.9 unit per hour....and it 
enables me to give finely tailored doses of eg 1.3 units (try that with 
 injections!). It is hard work, but I've been carb counting for more than 30
years, I'm
used to it. The pump has improved my life and given me so much more freedom.  
I don't have to eat at certain times, I can have a lie-in or get up at very 
early hours, doesn't matter if I have a late meal, etc.

I have tried lower carb diets and, like many on this list, have found that I 
get better bg results - but this is a matter of personal choice.  The pump 
 gives you the opportunity to try this if you wish (it's difficult with injected
insulin), but you should be able to obtain good results with a 
carbohydrate-rich diet too.


IDDM 30+ yrs, MiniMed 508 3 yrs
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