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RE: [IPk] Food and diet

Hi Denise

I can understand why it seems like that...

 I haven't changed my diet at all since pumping. However, as I have the tools
for finer control, and the incentive for more frequent blood testing, pumping
has made me more interested in the finer detail. Knowing how *I* digest, say,
pizza, means I can tailor my insulin to my exact needs, in both amount and
infusion rate. My desire to keep a good A1c has extended to desire to keep
tighter control at all times, including just after a meal. This might also mean
that I need to bolus 20 minutes before a certain meal, or just after, or extend
my bolus or part of it, etc etc

 With all this information, you/Ryan might decide that item x is just not worth
the hassle after all, and item Y is just as nice but has a less dramatic effect
on BG. But that would be your/Ryan's choice.

 I don't think you need to work to this degree of detail in the early days of
pumping. But as you get used to this form of therapy, and with the tools at your
finger tips to fine tune it to your individual needs, you/Ryan may well find
that you do so.

 Hope this helps. I haven't explained it here as clearly as it seems in my

Be encouraged -  pumping has revolutionised my life!

Best wishes

IDDM 35 years (dxed aged 2), pumping 1 year +

From:  email @ redacted [SMTP:email @ redacted]

 I just wondered whether the pump makes your diet more restricted or have I 
been reading things wrong?
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