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Re: [IPk] Competitive Gymnastics

>  Does anyone on this list take part in competitive gymnastics or
>  have a child
> that does. Sasha does
>  training for competitive gymnastics and is now doing 3 hour
>  stretches training.

Yes, Jenna, now about 13 has been doing this and pumping since at 
least age 8.

See: http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/pkids/jenna.shtml

Contact info on the web page.

> Yesterday she did her
>  usual training and another 2.5 hours afterwards preparing, with the
>  others, for
> a display at the
>  re-opening of a revamped local leisure centre. We find it very hard
>  to control
> her blood sugar levels
>  during this time. Either Terry or myself have to stay really to do
>  regular
> checks and make adjustments
>  or suggestions about what to do if she is low or high. We cut the
>  total insulin
> by quite a lot but still
>  got problems with several bad hypos later on. Yesterday was a
>  particularly bad
> day.
>  I am still nagging Sasha's consultant about a pump and as you may
>  remember he
> thinks that pumps are
>  dangerous and experimental and other things. He has no experience
>  of pumps at
> all. He also said last
>  week that he would NOT support us for funding anyway as he
>  considers Sasha
> HbA1c to be very good. 6.9.
>  Its usually around 6.3. I am wondering about several things. Would
>  it be easier
> to control Sasha's BG
>  for sports if she were using a pump? We have had one severe hypo
>  after gym once
> where even after giving
>  glucogon I had to call an ambulance. We still have a great deal of
>  trouble with
> hypos during and after
>  gym despite decreasing the insulin doses and Sasha drinking regular
>  coke during
> the lessons. We now have
>  to stay the whole of the lessons, sitting in a cold changing room,
>  we are not
> really suppose to watch all
>  the time as it distracts the twins. So it is all very disruptive
>  and time
> consuming. The other thing I
>  am wondering about is how we would manage an insulin pump if she
>  had one. She
> would probably need to
>  disconnect from a pump during training and this would be for a long
>  time. How
> would you manage this?
>  Also would the site be effect by all the swinging round the bars
>  and the
> exercises on the beam? Sasha
> really loves gym and would not be prepared to give it up for
> anything.
> Jackie Jacombs
> email @ redacted
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