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RE: [IPk] re competitive gymnastics

 Well the consultant must have mellowed very slightly, as he didn't repeat all
the stuff about dangerous
 pumps etc. Didn't look at me properly though, just kept writing. He had already
offered to refer us to
 someone else, but I said that I didn't really want to see someone who wasn't
knowledgeable about pumps,
 the people he was going to refer me to, were either anti pump or didn't have
pump experience.

 Just after seeing him, I went into see the D nurse (who has two adults) using
pumps. She told me that
 Gloucester Royal (hospital in the next town) are going to be putting a child on
a pump soon, she thought
 that the child was possibly the same sort of age as Sasha 9. She said that she
thought our consultant
 didn't know about this yet. There are no other hospitals within reasonable
distance with children on
 pumps. It's their very first child to be put on the pump, so they will all be
learning together. So
 this is hopeful news, as I had met one of the nurses from that hospital last
year and she implied at the
 time, that they wouldn't be considering pumps at all. I am reluctant to ask for
a referral just at the
 present, in case the hospital feels that, either we aren't suitable, or wont
take us because they want to
 see how things go with the first child. So I think I will wait a while and keep
in touch with our D
nurse to see if she cant find out how things are going.

 I will try for funding if we ever get to the point of even finding a hospital
that would consider Sasha a
 suitable candidate for a pump. I am sure I can find plenty of reasons why she
would do better on a pump.
 She still has no hypo awareness of lows when asleep and at the moment we have
to get up everynight at
 about 2.30 pm to check her. She also has times when she is skimming hypos or
much too high.


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> Isn't severe or disabling hypos a criteria for pump funding?
 > Has Sascha's consultant partially " come round" to your opinion as he states
> no clinical necessity on basis of good A1c rather
>  than "pumps are dangerous". Have you shon him the NICE guidelines? Does he
> expect Sascha to give up gymnastics?- this is
> discrimination
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