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Re: [IPk] Competitive Gymnastics

Hi Jackie
I think having a pump would make it a lot easier to control Sasha's blood 
sugars for gymastics, especially afterwards where you could just reduce the 
basal for a few hours or even turn it off. This is precisely one of the 
reasons I got my pump, because of all the sport I do. If I exercise for more 
than a couple of hours at a time, my BG drops dramatically a few hours later. 
It still catches me out occasionally. But mostly I can just turn my pump down 
and it's fine.

As for actually wearing the pump during gym, it might be possible for her 
still to wear it. At least for practising, though probably not actually 
competing etc. For example, when I wear a swimming costume I can just tuck 
the pump into the costume (on the hip) and it stays put even if I run around. 
there are numerous belts and things also that she could try attaching it to - 
it wouldn't be easy, and she might have to move the pump around depending on 
what particular activity she was doing, but  it could be possible. For 
example, round her waist at the front or back might be possible for a lot of 
the time. And maybe for some particular activities she would have to take it 
off. But taking it off for several hours at a time is more tricky. You can do 
that and reconnect e.g. every hour to bolus a little, but I never find that 
works very well for me (I always end up high). Though for some people it 
works fine. The site would not be affected by swinging around etc - it is 
really very robust and can take a lot of impact. When I played goalball the 
site would be on my stomach or hip and I would frequently get hit by the ball 
right on the site (you're supposed to stop the ball with your body) and it 
would be fine.

So i think your only real problem would be where to put the pump, or how to 
deal with disconnecting for several hours. But it should be perfectly 
possible. And I am sure that it would help with her BGs especially 

On Monday 10 Nov 2003 12:41 pm, you wrote:
>  Does anyone on this list take part in competitive gymnastics or have a
> child that does. Sasha does
>  training for competitive gymnastics and is now doing 3 hour stretches
> training. Yesterday she did her
>  usual training and another 2.5 hours afterwards preparing, with the
> others, for a display at the
>  re-opening of a revamped local leisure centre. We find it very hard to
> control her blood sugar levels
>  during this time. Either Terry or myself have to stay really to do regular
> checks and make adjustments
>  or suggestions about what to do if she is low or high. We cut the total
> insulin by quite a lot but still
>  got problems with several bad hypos later on. Yesterday was a particularly
> bad day.
>  I am still nagging Sasha's consultant about a pump and as you may remember
> he thinks that pumps are
>  dangerous and experimental and other things. He has no experience of pumps
> at all. He also said last
>  week that he would NOT support us for funding anyway as he considers Sasha
> HbA1c to be very good. 6.9.
>  Its usually around 6.3. I am wondering about several things. Would it be
> easier to control Sasha's BG
>  for sports if she were using a pump? We have had one severe hypo after gym
> once where even after giving
>  glucogon I had to call an ambulance. We still have a great deal of trouble
> with hypos during and after
>  gym despite decreasing the insulin doses and Sasha drinking regular coke
> during the lessons. We now have
>  to stay the whole of the lessons, sitting in a cold changing room, we are
> not really suppose to watch all
>  the time as it distracts the twins. So it is all very disruptive and time
> consuming. The other thing I
>  am wondering about is how we would manage an insulin pump if she had one.
> She would probably need to
>  disconnect from a pump during training and this would be for a long time.
> How would you manage this?
>  Also would the site be effect by all the swinging round the bars and the
> exercises on the beam? Sasha
> really loves gym and would not be prepared to give it up for anything.
> Jackie Jacombs
> email @ redacted
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