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[IPk] Re:Blocked tube, etc

Hi all
Thanks for the advice on the blocked tubes. What really scared me was just 
 how quickly the BG rose from near normal to off-scale. In fact, it all happened
within one and a half hours. At the moment I am still checking BG's hourly or 
more (poor fingers), including checks during the night. I always tended to do 
a lot of tests anyway as my hypo awareness has never been good since the 
change to Human insulin many, many years ago and I get nausea from other 
 sources/conditions. The set had only been in 36 hours and had worked fine
before this. I
was worried in case it could have been caused by exertion (shelving books at 
work night before, first shift since pump use) or even by the shower I had 
just had (BG's started to rise after shower). I certainly watched things even 
more carefully afterwards.
As far as the CHO counting goes...yesterday I went back to my 'old' method of 
just going by instinct and not being so pedantic about it. And guess what? It 
worked! I only eat smallish portions at meals anyway. Yesterday I had a roast 
dinner and it worked just fine. 
Thanks for all the help.
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