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[IPk] Food and diet

Hi everyone

There has been alot of talk about getting the bolus right for certain 
foods/meals . What do people eat??

I thought the pump was supposed to help you have a more normal diet and still 
keep numbers steady. I know there is alot of hard work involved but it seems 
alot of people cut certain foods from their diet to keep their numbers within 
range rather than use the pump.

Ryan is 7, he doesn't have the diet of a 7 yr old without D but doesn't do 
 too badly. He loves pasta, rice and potatoes won't touch vegatables (believe me
I've tried) will only eat bananas, salad is out of the question. He likes 
pizza without the cheese!! Loves McD's and KFC which we try to avoid. We save 
sweet foods for night when he is playing football or swimming etc.

 We have never had any major food problems. He has a packed lunch at school 
usually about 40-50g carb, snacks of 10g through the day and dinner of 50-60g 
carb then supper of 40g carb which we do not bolus for just his 5 units of 
 lantus overnight. We use 1 unit for 7.5g carb at breakfast then 1 unit nr for
carb at other meals. 

Ryan is 24kg (about 3 1/2 stone) and 130cm tall so I would like him to put 
some weight on, but he is very active and never still.

 I just wondered whether the pump makes your diet more restricted or have I 
been reading things wrong?

Denise mum to Ryan age 7 dxd @ 9 mnths old lantus & novorapid ATM waiting for 
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