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Re: [IPk] Argh! Blocked tube?

In a message dated 11/8/2003 5:39:41 PM GMT Standard Time, email @ redacted 

> I assumed that if the set worked OK for a couple of days 
> then it wouldn't go wrong. 
Hi Helen,

I have had similar experiences.  Please check out what other members of this 
group have said, but it could simply be that your site has stopped absorbing 
 insulin, especially if the set has been in for over 48 hours. We all differ in
how long our bodies can tolerate a set, and different parts of the body will 
tolerate a set for different periods of time.  Could be that your particular 
body area had "had enough" after a couple of days, this happens to me on 
occasion (usually at the most inconvenient time! :-) ).  If my bgs are rising 
 unexpectedly, without food or after food I wouldn't associate with such a rise,
I'm well, then I check every part of the pump and set (reservoir dislodged, 
 bubbles, set dislodged, inflamed site etc) and of course check for ketones. If
nothing seems to be amiss, I will give one bolus and if that doesn't bring my 
bg down (allowing for the "higher the bg the more - exponentially, that is - 
 insulin you need to bring it down" rule that seems to apply to me), then I will
change the site.

Best wishes and lots of luck, I think it's well worth persevering,

(IDDM 30+ years, MiniMed 508 3 yrs)
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