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Fw: [IPk] Bolusing problems

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From: Abigail King <email @ redacted>
To: <email @ redacted>
Sent: Sunday, November 09, 2003 12:50 AM
Subject: Re: [IPk] Bolusing problems

> Partly, I think, due to the fact I've learned that not only CHO
> > has to
> > be counted, but protein and fat content, too.
 > I personally do not count protein if it's just a normal " moderate" serving,
only if for example a large steak or cheese at the
 > of the meal if I already had a substantial amount of protein in the main
course, or large quantities of nuts pre or post meal that
> already has significant protein in it
 > Regarding fats, it's usually the much publicised " baddies" such as curries,
pizzas etc that cause problems in my case. A tomato
 > sauce for pasta containing olive oil for example ( assuming only moderate
portion of pasta, " normal" portion of meat, fish or
 > cheese, small amount of spread on bread seem to be ok. Of course everyone is
diffrent but I think it's usually the very high fat
 > combined ith large amount of carb that usually causes havoc. I still can't do
curries, never eat pizzas, only eat moderate amounts
 > of pasta, don't trust very rich creamy ice creams and ran into problems today
afterfish and chips. so i'm not completely free of
 > dietary restrictions on the pump. I could experiment and test hourly
overnight but find basals can vary quite a lot anyay and at
 > moment don't think it's orth the hassle: getting it " right" and then along
comes another set of variables to mess things up
 > I meant to sound encouraging but have perhaps ended up sounding a bit
negative. All
> I mean is don't stress
 > too much about the fats and proteins if you are eating a " normalhealthy
 > french bread and melon have high glycaemic indices. It might be that you need
a diffrent ratio from one part of the day to the
>  Even using the CHO contents on
> > packets seems to make things go awry.
 > Rememeber the labels probabley incorporate every carb eg tomatoe and onion in
a pasta sauce (personally I don't count these as
 > have little effect on me), pulses (lo GI and may need a smaller insulin to
carb ration than your starchy carbs). And ho says the
 > labels are very accurate ? I recall reading somehere that they are not. I
believe this is in an American Diabetes publ;ication,
> sorry can't remember the title/ author etc
 > I'd suggest just making notes, trial and error and keep a permanent record of
dose/ meal etc ifyou get it right for future
 > reference. perhaps a pocket calculator to help the maths. And a lot of the
time I find I use intuition). If your really unsure I'd
 > aim on the conservative side and perhaps corect after 2 or even 4 hours (
depending on advice given and your personal experience
 > humalog, but sometimes you can over correct if it's done too early). Post
prandail hypos from over bolusing are more unpleasant
> slight hypos because basals are slightly off
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