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Re: [IPk] Thanks and lots more questions from a Newbie!

 hi pat yes it is appalling isnt it, i moved back here 6 months ago after
moving away from the area around 9 years ago, i was told at my review that i
would be given an apointment to see the dsn at the diabetic centre in 3
months time but was sent an appointment for a review in 18 months but not
one for 3 months, so i will have to contact them to arrange one, im hoping
the dsn is more supportive , i was not happy to not have seen the consultant
as the senior house doc was a young woman who seemed very inexperienced to
me. i asked her if i should have my cholesterol checked as iv not had it
checked for a while and know how important it is and she said "would you
like it to be checked"
i have to say the whole check didnt reassure me a great deal.
                love gail , type 1 22 years.
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Hi Gail,

That's appalling. Is your GP supportive?

On the children topic: one of my best friends is Type 1, and his son was
diagnosed earlier this year. The little boy had a day or so of finding
out how painful blood tests are and feeling awful, but since then has
been happy with it. Perhaps this is because he has grown up around
diabetics. It almost appears to be something 'normal' that happens as
people grow up (like wearing glasses, or having grey hair).

His father is very much of the 'I wouldn't want something attached to me
all the time' school, and uses mdi. The little boy decided that the
different means we use are gender-based: mummy diabetics wear pumps,
daddy diabetics have pens. He's a boy, so he has a pen!

For the parents, I guess it was both better and worse than the ignorance
most parents have. No worries about what to do if he was hypo, or how
to use the blood glucose metre, but longer term worries.

Best wishes to all,

(dm 30+, 508 2+)

Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
"It might look a bit messy now,
but just you come back in 500 years time"
(T. Pratchett)
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