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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #547: high BG

 > From: email @ redacted
This sort of problem happens to lots of people, becaue of insulin
resistance, and also perhaps because whatever is making your blood
glucose so high is in fact also causing it to be effectively even
higher than you measure, only some of that excess glucose is being
flushed out through your kidneys into the urine.
After struggling with this one many times, I have found one method that
seems to work much better than just giving a large bolus - as well as
giving a bolus that is adjusted up for the fact that you have high
blood glucose, also raise the basal rate by 20-30% to allow for the
fact that your basal rate may be higher at high BG.
For me this seems much much better (though I don't entirely understand
why it should!) than simply giving an even larger bolus.
Hope it helps you too.
> Subject: [IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #547
> Can anyone help me, when I am high BG over 15, I seem to need one
> hell of a 
>  lot more insuling than what I should give myself, before it even
> attempts to go
> lower.  I am on humalog, and since being on the pump, it appears to
> take ages 
> to get into my system when I do a correction dosage. Does anyone out
> there 
>  have any ideas why or what I can do, only 4.0 units is a lot to
> correct, when I
> should only need 1.0 unit of humulog.  I shall look forward to
> hearing from 
> anyone, concerning this Many Thanks to all that answer. 

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