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Re: [IPk] Thanks and lots more questions from a Newbie!

> Subject: Re: [IPk] Thanks and lots more questions from a Newbie!
> In a message dated 06/11/2003 14:26:04 GMT Standard Time,
> email @ redacted writes:
> And finally, would LOVE some help
> on this one especially from T1 women with kids - is it just me or are
> you
> all completely paranoid about your kids getting it (have to stop
> myself
> testing her nappy for heaviness, freaking out whenever she drinks
> lots of
> water etc.)?  I am told that kids are of less risk if mum has it and
> also if
> you are dxd after 25.  One article said this puts them in the same
> risk as
> general population (1 in 100).  But does my sister having it up the
> risk for
> my daughter?  And (final one, promise!) has anyone had their kids
> tested for
> predisposition - is it worth doing?

As another Type 1 mother, with 4 children, I have to say that yes, I
occasionally worry, but am not paranoid. I did not develop Type 1 until
age 48, 6 years ago, when my 4 children, then aged 21,19,14 and 12 had
a pretty traumatic experience watching me become increasingly
ketoacidotic, and eventually drifting in and out of a coma before Type
1 was diagnosed - to the slight defense of my GP and others, it is not
an obvious thing to suspect at age 48! So every now and then the kids
ask me to check their fasting blood sugars, and once in a while, if
they seem unwell without an obvious cause or if I start imagining
symptoms, then I suggest it. My eldest daughter who is currently
pregnant did a glucose tolerance test, and was reassured that it was
completely normal - but then I had completely normal glucose tolerance
tests in all 4 pregnancies too.
I have a family history of type 1 - one of my brothers was diagnosed
with type 1 at age 22, and my paternal grandfather developed type 1 in
his 30's, and maybe a maternal great-aunt died of type 1 in childhood. 
I might perhaps have felt differently had I had type 1 before my kids
were born - impossible to say - but as it is, I just hope that if any
of them ever have type 1, that firstly they will recognize it and be
diagnosed fast, and secondly that they will have the best treatment. At
this point, I have no doubt that is a pump. I hate to contemplate how I
would live without my pump - it gives me freedom to enjoy a flexible
and active lifestyle, work hard, take care of my family, exercise
plenty and generally feel well.
Good luck with getting a pump, and try not to feel too paranoid about
your kids, hopefully your anxiety will lessen as the children grow and
flourish, and as your diabetes becomes better controlled and you feel
generally better.

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