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[IPk] Argh! Blocked tube?

Had a really scary few hours there earlier. BG rose to 16 before lunch...I 
thought it was due to incorrect bolus for food earlier. But after lunch and 
after correction bolus then bolus for lunch, rose to 28! Bolused again, then 
 checked 15 mins later...32! Then went off scale within 5 minutes. I gave a shot
with the pen then changed the infusion site, etc. Had to give another shot via 
pen before I got set back in and it's started to drop down now. It was 13.1 5 
minutes ago. Phoned the Medtronic nurse who said I'd done the right thing and 
the set must have somehow become kinked or blocked. Thing is, how does this 
 happen? I looked at the set I took out...it had worked fine yesterday and the
before...but the insulin went through OK when I pressed the reservoir. The end 
of the tube looked slightly 'flat' or possibly had a whitish bit in it. Could 
this be it? Is this a problem with Quicksets? Or would a longer needle help? 
(I'm using the 6mm). I assumed that if the set worked OK for a couple of days 
then it wouldn't go wrong. 
It really made me panic. I've never been this high before and it was scary. 
Any advice/experiences like this would be helpful. 
Pump 5 days... 
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