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[IPk] Bolusing problems

Thanks for the advice on the first few days of being on the pump. 
Now on day 5. My basals have been changed and I'm now on 1.7 8am-10pm and 1.4 
The problems I seem to be having are down to the actual bolusing for carbo 
 intake. The guidelines I was given said to bolus 1 unit per 15g CHO. This
to make me hypo soon after, so told to drop this to 0.5 units per 15g. 
 Trouble is, whatever I do seems not to work. I can't seem to get my head round
whole issue right now and am finding this side of it a lot harder than I 
 anticipated! Partly, I think, due to the fact I've learned that not only CHO
has to
be counted, but protein and fat content, too. Even using the CHO contents on 
packets seems to make things go awry. I either hypo after or shoot sky-high. I 
am hopeless at maths (maths dyslexia)! Seriously, I have a major problem with 
maths and find it hard to calculate percentages of CHO to bolus, etc. Am I 
 trying too hard? I don't know. I always unconsciously counted carbs as that was
 the way things were when I was dx 29 yrs ago. But as far as working out how the
protein/fat affects things is beyond me! Another problem is that I don't eat 
a great deal when stressed and with the break-in and everything I am stressed 
right now! I tend to graze and eat little and often. 
For example, I didn't feel like anything early on (I'm not a breakfast person 
at all) but was peckish at 11am. So, I had a small amount of melon, some 
 salad leaves, and some french bread...a very small piece. Bolused .5 and was 16
hour later! Argh!
It doesn't make sense! 
PS, just a question...the pump I'm using 507C seems to click once every 15 
mins or so...working fine as far as i can tell, no alarms, etc., Should it do 
this? Has done it since it was set up.
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