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[IPk] Dropping a high BG

Hi Rach

As Di mentioned, high BG does indeed increase insulin resistance.

One thing I have always found useful, as "wrong" as it sounds, is to eat 
something low or no-carb when I inject or bolus to correct a high BG. This 
appears to give the insulin something to work on immediately which kicks it 
into action a bit faster than just waiting, and I tend to find I need less 
of a monster dose to correct (and a shorter time frame) when I do it. I 
also know (sadly, from personal experience) that when you are in very 
severe DKA (ie. unconscious or very close to it) the first thing the 
doctors generally do is pump you full of more glucose before or 
simultaenously with setting up an insulin IV - and I suspect it is for the 
same reason I gave above, and also to control the rate of decrease, as a 
very fast drop can cause brain problems (I can dig out the references on 
that if you wish).

Best of luck,

Tori (dx 1969, pumping 1978)

At 02:39 AM 8/11/2003, you wrote:
>Can anyone help me, when I am high BG over 15, I seem to need one hell of a
>  lot more insuling than what I should give myself, before it even 
> attempts to go
>lower.  I am on humalog, and since being on the pump, it appears to take ages
>to get into my system when I do a correction dosage. Does anyone out there
>  have any ideas why or what I can do, only 4.0 units is a lot to correct, 
> when I
>should only need 1.0 unit of humulog.  I shall look forward to hearing from
>anyone, concerning this Many Thanks to all that answer.  Any yes I do worry
>  occaisionally about my children get IDD but at the end of the day if 
> it's going
>happen it will happen and if it doesn't it doesn't there is no point
>  worrying, as the treatment is one hell of a lot better than when I was
>  After pumping for a month, I would personally put them on a pump 
> privately if I
>had to.  So my motto is don't worry about it be happy loads of love Rach xx

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