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Re: [IPk] Insulin for Pasta

In a message dated 07/11/2003 16:25:59 GMT Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Last night Sasha had spaghetti bolognaise, the carb count of the pasta was
> about 56 carbs and the sauce
> did not contain much carb. I gave 3.5 units of Novorapid with the meal. I
> checked Sasha's BG at 7.30pm
> and she was 3.8 before supper snack. She had a small piece of cake and milk 
> as
> normal. I didn't correct
> the low as she had been just about to eat.
> Hi Jackie
> Well the insulin gets to work before the pasta does so you will find that 
> you will get a low blood sugar to start with and then when the pasta finally 
 > gets to work, it will shoot the blood sugar up. When you checked Sasha and
> was 3.8, it might have been just before the pasta was about to impact.

> When I checked her blood sugar level at 11.20 her BG was a staggering 25.5
> mmols!!! We often have this
> problem with pasta meals. How else should I dose for this?? and for those 
> who
> are using pumps what do
> you do? do you use the square wave bolus feature? Do you wait for the BG 
> level
> to go up or do you
> calculate when the rise would be and give extra insulin before the blood 
> sugar
> goes that high or after??
> Any ideas welcome. We had to do several correction doses overnight to bring 
> the
> levels down by morning.
> She was still 8.7 in at 7.30am.
Well Danielle has a pump as you know and I give her around 2 units of 
 Novorapid as she starts to eat, then another 1 or 2 units at the end of her
 depending on what she has afterwards and then I increase her basal rate but
keep a
close eye on her blood sugar.  We have had pizza tonight and it has been a 
nightmare but I have been able to keep adding a bit more insulin through the 
pump which is much easier than keeping injecting.

I have not been able to get her below the 18 mmols tonight but I know she 
will be ok in the morning when the pizza has done its job and gone!  It's a 
 shame, but maybe someone is trying to tell us that this food is no good for our
kids (McDonalds do the same for us but not quite as bad).  However, pasta is 
supposed to be really good for you isn't it?  We live and learn.

Mum to Danielle, pumping since Nov 2002, aged 9
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