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Re: [IPk] Thanks and lots more questions from a Newbie!

Hi Louise

I was dxed at age 4 and have just turned 39. I have two daughters aged 15 
and 17, and I've been pumping since 1978 - including during both pregnancies.

I believe the stats for genetic development of type 1 are ... Children with 
a diabetic mother have about a 2% risk of developing diabetes. It is 5% for 
a sibling, and if the father has type 1, the risk increases to 6%. Just for 
completion, risk for the child of two non-diabetic parents is about 0.5%.

I had my girls tested for genetic predisposition a few years ago, and 
although it wasn't at all traumatic for them (just a small quick blood 
test), and they came back negative, i don't know really if it was worth it. 
I actually had the test done by request from a doctor who wanted to do 
research with children of diabetic parents, who were genetically 
predisposed to development, and obviously this didn't apply to my girls.

The reason I question its worth is that *at least* three separate genes 
(and others "parts of genes") have been identified as contributing to or 
being present in *most* type 1 diabetics - but not all ... and not all of 
those genes are checked in the predisposition test. So while the test for 
us negated one potential  contributory factor, it didn't exclude the others.

Whether or not you have your kids tested obviously has to be a personal 
choice.... but I think it's very important to realise that a negative test 
does not necessarily mean your kids won't develop type 1, and if you were 
to get a positive test result, would it change your or your child's 
behaviours? And how would it affect everyone emotionally. I have no 
answers, just thought I'd throw it all in for consideration.



At 12:24 AM 7/11/2003, you wrote:
>  And finally, would LOVE some help
>on this one especially from T1 women with kids - is it just me or are you
>all completely paranoid about your kids getting it (have to stop myself
>testing her nappy for heaviness, freaking out whenever she drinks lots of
>water etc.)?  I am told that kids are of less risk if mum has it and also if
>you are dxd after 25.  One article said this puts them in the same risk as
>general population (1 in 100).  But does my sister having it up the risk for
>my daughter?  And (final one, promise!) has anyone had their kids tested for
>predisposition - is it worth doing?

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