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Re: [IPk] Thanks and lots more questions from a Newbie!

hi louise, i have had type 1 for 22 years since the age of six and i have 3
little boys, i do get a little paranoid about them getting diabetes  and
when they  drink alot or wet their bed i  test their bg on occasion , but
try not to worry too much as if they did have it i dont feel it would be the
end of the world there are worse things, and i enjoyed my childhood and have
never let  the dreaded d  stop me doing anything, it bothers me  more now
as i find it a constant battle to get my bgs  good, im on 3x actrapid and 1x
lantus at the mo but my bgs are constantly up and down, the care for
diabetics here is getting me down too, i was seen my an  SHO on my last
yearly review and was told i wouldnt get my next one for 18 months as there
are just too many diabetics in eastbourne.
         love gailxxxxxx
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Subject: [IPk] Thanks and lots more questions from a Newbie!

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Thanks to those who have responded already. It already feels better to know
I am not alone, and I am so motivated by all the positive pumping stories.
All the comments and answers have been so helpful. I have decided that I
have to try a pump by hook or by crook. Have been very proactive this week
- contacted 2 pump companies for info. I am back in clinic in 2 weeks so
have decided to send a letter to my consultant in advance with all the
relevant info (basically making a case for myself) so she can digest it
before we meet and then hopefully we might get somewhere. The last few
visits I felt that we have been going round and round in circles, and then
of course the time is so limited.

Another question - it seems from the info from Medtronic that even if I pay
privately I still have to get my doctor's approval. Is this correct?

BGs were awful on Monday and Tuesday, double figures practically all day
despite correction shots. Serves me right for trying to eat like a real
person! Back on the low carbs (I have about 50g per day) yesterday and
today which has kept me at 3-9 mmol each test. (And I guess all the wine I
drank with the girls last night has kept me down as well - ooops!)

By the way some more info about me - 3 months after I was dxd (April 2003)
my sister (age 30) came to visit. We tested her BG 'for a laugh' and it was
18 mmol when she just woke up and hadn't had breakfast!! She was admitted a
few days later. Luckily didn't go into DKA. She is on Lantus and
Novorapid, total insulin less than 20 units per day. Her BGs are almost
always between 4 and 7 regardless of what she eats. Is this honeymoon or is
she just incredibly lucky? Is my control harder because DKA means my
insulin function was totally burnt out? And finally, would LOVE some help
on this one especially from T1 women with kids - is it just me or are you
all completely paranoid about your kids getting it (have to stop myself
testing her nappy for heaviness, freaking out whenever she drinks lots of
water etc.)? I am told that kids are of less risk if mum has it and also if
you are dxd after 25. One article said this puts them in the same risk as
general population (1 in 100). But does my sister having it up the risk for
my daughter? And (final one, promise!) has anyone had their kids tested for
predisposition - is it worth doing?

Sorry for so many more questions! Hopefully one day I'll be able to help
someone else (as it happens my sister being dxd really helped me accept
diabetes - made me feel like there was a purpose as I was able to help her
through it and she was so much calmer having seen me get through it in one

Ok I'll stop now!
32, T1, dxd 11 months

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