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Re: [IPk] Thanks and lots more questions from a Newbie!

In a message dated 06/11/2003 14:26:04 GMT Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:

> Another question - it seems from the info from Medtronic that even if I pay
> privately I still have to get my doctor's approval.  Is this correct?

Hiya Louise

I bought my daughter's pump privately and they checked with me first that I
had approval from her Consultant because, after all, he is going to have to
carry on seeing her at clinic and would not be happy if you had gone behind
back and chosen your own form of treatment.  Her Consultant was against it at
first but then came around to our way of thinking because we would have just
moved her to another hospital anyway and we told him that.

You also asked:-

And finally, would LOVE some help
on this one especially from T1 women with kids - is it just me or are you
all completely paranoid about your kids getting it (have to stop myself
testing her nappy for heaviness, freaking out whenever she drinks lots of
water etc.)?  I am told that kids are of less risk if mum has it and also if
you are dxd after 25.  One article said this puts them in the same risk as
general population (1 in 100).  But does my sister having it up the risk for
my daughter?  And (final one, promise!) has anyone had their kids tested for
predisposition - is it worth doing?

Every family has different experiences.  Mine is, I was diagnosed at aged 10,
my sister at age 2, my brother at age 21 and then my daughter got it 2 years
ago when she was 7. My Auntie has it and my grandmother had it.  However, I
have heard that if the father has the diabetes there is more chance of your
child getting it but I don't think there is too much evidence to show anything
positive.  Also, I would not have my child tested because, like another person
this site once said, I would just be worrying and it might not ever happen.
I would do periodic testing if you are worried with your own BG meter just
like you did on your sister and that it was I did with my daughter and years
what my mum did with me. There is no harm checking now and then if your child
is poorly and you are worried.

Hope this helps.

Mum to Danielle aged 9, pumping since Nov 2002
D myself on Lantus/Novorapid
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