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[IPk] type1_diabetes Re: Hiya Everyone


 I'm getting on extremly well with my pump,i just wish it was offered to me
years ago :/
 I can apreciate how your son is feeling about being constantly hooked up to a
pump, that was one of my main concerns at the beginning but i can honestly say
that it took about a day to get used to wearing a pump after that i simply
forgot i was wearing it. I was also concerned about what i'd do with it at night
because i'm quite a restless sleeper, but i needn't of worried,i clipped it on
the front of my pj's and again forgot it was there. I was on 5 injections a day,
now i all i have to do is stick a needle in me once every two to three days, it
has given me such a sense of freedom, but you have to bear in my that if you go
on a pump you must still keep you injections handy just in case you have to
revert back to them.
 Unfortunatly i don't know any children that are on a pump so i can't speak from
a childs perspective but if your son is offered a pump then i'd definetly sit
down with him and talk it through.
 Have you looked at the Medtronic MiniMed website, maybe if your son took a look
at it he might find it quite helpful http://www.minimed.com/
Sorry i don't know the Disetronic website.
 I wish you and your son the very best of luck and i'll keep you in my thoughts
too. Sorry if i haven't been that helpful, i'm still very new to pump therapy,
i'm sure there are more experianced pumpers here that will help you out.
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