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[IPk] Good news and pump day 1!

Well, firstly, we have our car back!
It was found not too far from here, actually in one piece and not damaged at 
all! Seems the burglars used it to go across town to the ATM then came back to 
near here and left it, keys and all. So, must be local. Police have checked 
it, fingerprinted it, etc. Hoipe they can get some info as to who did this. 
Still the actual break-in, money from bank, etc. But the car was the biggest 
 worry. So, don't need the insurance payout now. Just as well! Thanks for all
Got the pump yesterday. Sart-up was fine. Lots of support from Donna, 
 Medtronic nurse. Three of us starting up. Used the Quick-set and applicator as
seemed the easiest of those shown. (And the least scary)!
Insertion didn't hurt!
Yesterday, after start-up, my BG's were around the 10 mark, both before and 
after food and bolusing. At least it was steady. Then, after evening meal, 
 bolused according to guidelines and amount of carbs shown on packet (easy
veg stir fry) but BG dropped afterwards and had to have lucozade. Rose OK 
 before bed., 9.8. Woke in the night, around 3am,tested, 7.3. Fine. Woke 6am,
Glucose! Rose to 8.8. Then dropped again to 4.0. Argh. Had breakfast by this 
time. Bolused accrding to the guidelines and CHO contnet. Then the dawn 
 phenomenon kicked in! So, 14 mid morning. I hope this settles soon. Can anyone
 me...does it take a few days to settle down? I'm probably expecting too much
soon, I know.
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