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Re: [IPk] lots of questions from a newbie!

Hello Louise

I went on  pump before becoming pregnant as I had high morning blood sugars.

I have been on my pump for 2 years now and would not give it up for
anything. You may have to not be so good.  I personal live by the rule of
trying to live as normally as pos, in your case your not live normally your
existing a pump would allow you to eat normally.  Diatronic at the moment
are offering a 3 month trial and also alway you to pay up your pump over 36
months and you can set up a standing order to pay for your comsumable.

Any other question you may have just ask

Regards Wendy
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Subject: [IPk] lots of questions from a newbie!

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> Hi all - I'm Louise, new member.  I'm 32 and was diagnosed in January 2003
> with Type 1 (after initially being diagnosed with gestational diabetes in
> July 2002 and then IGT - going into DKA finally helped the medics to
> it out!)  After terrible results with Insulatard/Mixtard I was fairly
> quickly put onto MDI (humalog and lantus).
> My hba1c is currently 6.7% which my diabetes team seem to think is
> cause for celebration.  However this is just a midpoint between the
> highs and lows.  To get this kind of control I can expect about 2 hypos
> day.  Also I have had to pretty much cut out  bread, potatoes, pasta,
> fruit etc.
> I couldn't get the Lantus to work for 24 hours.  Taking it at night meant
> morning hypos but creeping up from mid afternoon.  Taking it in the
> meant I was waking with high BG (so feeling crummy) and hypos in late
> morning.  I now take it twice a day (14 units in the morning and 2 at
> which works as long as I don't eat any carb for lunch or dinner!  My team
> would not give any advice or support on this so I took the decision and
> the dose myself.  Does anyone else have experience of splitting Lantus?
> My carb to insulin ratio seems to be about 1 unit to 5 g.  This seems
> high.  Most of the literature talks about it being 1:10 or 15.  Does this
> mean I have reduced insulin sensitivity??  (I'm not overweight).  I unit
> humalog seems to lower my BG by 2.5 - 3 which seems pretty typical.
> The other reason I am eating low carb is because of problems with
humalog -
> I get decent BG results 1.5-2 hours after a meal but it then climbs up 3-4
> hours later.  If I take more humalog then I go hypo, need to eat and then
> high from the snack.  Does anyone else have this problem?  Would Novorapid
> be better or splitting the humalog?
> (By the way I have stopped calling my DSN as her reaction to any of the
> above is "that's diabetes for you" ....)
> I am really keen to try a pump.  There are some people at my clinic using
> them, but the consultant seems to only use it as a complete last resort.
> am afraid that I am being discriminated against because of my perceived
> 'good control' - which is only achieved by testing 8-10 times per day,
> giving correction doses, rigorous carb counting and carb restriction etc.
> Any tips on how to persuade my team would be appreciated!  I am keen to
> for another baby next year but would not dream of it with my current BG
> levels and am terrified of the effect that pregnancy hormones will have on
> what already feels like a roller coaster at the best of times.  Therefore
> will pay (re-mortgage the house, whatever ...) for one myself.  Does
> have experience of dealing with the pump manufacturers directly?  Is it
> possible to get a trial of a pump before committing to buying one?  If I
> the pump privately is there any chance of getting consumables on
> prescription or will I have burnt my bridges?
> I am going back to clinic in a couple of weeks time and will again try to
> put some pressure on the consultant to recommend me for pump trial, but
> not very hopeful.  (I am under Newcastle NHS - would love to hear from
> anyone else in the area who has local experience).
> Thanks to anyone who has taken the time to read this long message, and
> special thanks to anyone who replies to any of my questions.
> Louise
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