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RE: [IPk] Adrian

>Do you give a graph/table of your bgs to your DM consultant to remind
him of the RANGE and not just average of your bgs?  Sometimes visual
aids helps especially when in a busy clinic.

Hi Rhoda

This is what frustrated me at my last visit. I've always taken along my
blood glucose levels - tabulated and graphed. The consultant this time said
he preferred to look at the raw data! i.e. the table. I have been testing my
blood glucose approximately 8-10 times a day - on bad days more! He agreed
that the current regime was not working. I am now about half way through his
suggested changes. Have increased the Lantus to 30 units (it was originally
at 26) and I am changing to Humalog from Novorapid tomorrow - this is to
increase my after meal BGs - which have been peak less turning into lows
late afternoon and early evening and reducing the short acting insulin
analogue. The changes just seem to shift when the Hypos occur - reducing my
morning Highs but introducing early morning Lows/Hypos (1-2am). Fortunately
I have an appointment with my consultant in early January - when I should
have reached the end of his list of changes and moved onto point 4 of his
list - a pump!

Thanks for your suggestion - I know I had already thought of that but it
does help when someone else re-enforces your ideas!


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