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Re: [IPk] Removing Infusion Set Patch

Not to brag, but:

Working at Lush I've found that either the Dreamtime bath melt or the 
Butterball bath ballistic can help loosen the set adhesive. They've both got 
lots of cocoa butter in them. Or, as Barbara has pointed out, a nice hot 
bath in general can help. If you've got adhesive sticking to your skin and 
getting all oogy with clothing fibres, etc., the day after you have taken 
the old set off, a Lush massage bar (I recommend Therapy) works wonders and 
it's a lot better for your skin (unless you're allergic to cocoa butter!) 
than a mineral-oil based product like normal baby oil, and less messy.

IDDM 10+ years; MiniMed pumper 7+ years; Lush addict 3+ years; Lush Oxford 
shop assistant 9 months
Co-ordinator, Oxford University Student Union Diabetes Network
P.S. Karen K., I know I still owe you henna advice! Coming soon.

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