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Re: [IPk] Removing Infusion Set Patch

In a message dated 03/11/2003 19:02:51 GMT Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I'm still on my trial run and i'm currently using the Quick Set Infusion 
> Set,
> but when it comes to removing the Quick Set that's when i'm having slight
> problems. I have real trouble removing the sticky patch that is attached to 
> my
> skin, i have to really tug at it to remove it which leaves my skin very 
> sore.
> Does anybody else have trouble with this,and is there an easier way to 
> remove
> the patch ?

Hiya Samantha

I get a cotton wool piece and dampen it with water and then squirt some baby 
oil onto it and then dab it onto the patch.  When it becomes greasy, I lift 
the patch off the skin.  

The other way is to sit in the bath and that softens everything and you can 
undo it under water.

Mum to Danielle, aged 9, pumping since Nov 2002
D myself for 30 yrs
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