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RE: [IPk] Adrian

>PS I've just been referred for my Frozen Shoulder, after 18months of
cortisone injections, pain meds, etc, with no result. Waiting list is
 never-ending, as usual for rheumo/ortho. Told they will manipulate it, but
they don't usualy do this for type 1's? Have they done that for you?

Have had the frozen shoulder for coming up to 2 years - have been under a
rheumatologist (different hospital from my DM Consultant) for about 9 months
since my shoulder locked completely - now its a lot better but still have no
rotational movement in my arm and still have a lot of pain at night despite
quite strong pain killers. HBA1c was 6.4 last time - but hides the seesawing
BGs. BG is now down to between 10-12mmol first thing in the morning - OK the
rest of the day with lows late afternoon / early evening and now getting
hypos in the early morning again since upping the lantus on Friday (about
1am - 2am). I see my GP on Monday - so will probably drop the lantus back
down to avoid the night Hypos - will also be changing the Novorapid to
Humalog at my consultants suggestion to try and avoid the hypos late
afternoon / early evening. One thing I will say is that Lantus has given me
much more predictable BGs but still far from ideal. I guess now its a
question of sitting it out until January.

Thanks for everyone's advice/support

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