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[IPk] Charlie Dalton - time zones

Charlie has done very well with his tour of America - 8 cities, 8 concerts,
several time zones and four very large solos (and excellent reviews). At one
stage, unable to keep sugars low and despite adding injections we would have
probably consulted his pump nurse had we been in England. However, the tour
was a most enriching experience and I am so pleased that, despite his
diabetes, he was not marginalized in any way. We were nervous about the time
zones. Clearly there are no hard and fast rules - just keep an eye on
eating, sleeping, daylight and the sudden need to focus completely (required
for this kind of tour). The live broadcasts and the recording on which
appears favorably are great. I am very proud of my diabetic son, who may
have done none of this because of his frequent hospitalization (deep coma in
July)  and in the event was wonderful. Thank God that he can have a normal

Barbara Dalton

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> use the softsets with the short cannula (allegedly I have not got a
> fat stomach ....) and the long pipe.
> I use the sofserter, although I can get them in manually with a struggle
> (and often a bent cannula).

Hiya Pat

I am glad you told me this because, you see, Danielle fears the devices that
insert the sets for you because she likes to be in control of it. We have
Silhouettes, Quick Sets and Rapids and we have always inserted them manually
so she wants to continue this way.  She likes the Rapids but I am not 100%
  sure about them. We all like the Quick Sets but it is more of a struggle
the needle in because it is thicker than the Rapids and we are prepared to
try the SofSets if we can insert them manually but it appears to be a
to get them in doesn't it?

I have found that when we were inserting the sets manually, it is better to
  rotate the tip of the needle a few times to actually pierce the skin.
we would be trying to get it to go in and it would just be pushing the skin
instead of piercing it but if you rotate it a few times, it generally goes
without the 'all-of-a-sudden' plunge which Danielle hates and so do I.

Mum to Danielle aged 9, pumping since Nov 2002 and trying new sets
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