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Re: [IPk] Pat: Saline trial


I am only catching up on mail, hope this can help...

I have just resumed using my pump, 506 minimed, 6 years old now...they
don't even sell those anymore!!I have been diabetic for 9 years, spent 6
on a pump and had a year break on lantus before replugging it last week.

I read your prob with insertion, there are various catheters and some can
be inserted using a spring system, a bit like an insulin pen. Look on the
minimed.com site and you will see the various catheters: you should be
able to try each and choose. The worst to insert is  Silhouette, I
found...so I use a Quick-set now and it comes with an inserter , much
easier and no prob with thinking too long about inserting it, the needle
is short and you use a spring system so not so bad, before removing the
needle and keeping the soft catheter in. Can also disconnect to have a

Hope it helps...and not too late to answer you...



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