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Re: [IPk] Unwanted attachments

Hi Jackie
You can rest assured that any message sent to IP-UK wwith an attachment gets 
its attachment automatically removed by our software. If you saw an attachment 
on a message from IP-uK then it is something to do with your mailer which is 
dding the attachment on receipt of the message... I have no idea why.

Jackie Jacombs wrote:

> Barbara, Rhoda
>  Its odd because the mails I was sending to mailing groups( various different
> ones) were all showing up on
>  my computer as having attachments when the arrived on the lists. I have
> rebooted Outlook and it seems to
>  be OK now. Actually several of your emails show up on my computer as having
> attachments, mostly on
> Friday there were mails from Barbara, Di, Rhoda, Pat.
 > , Michael and Denise 11 emails altogether showing as having attachments which
> were in fact a note pad
 > copy of the actual email. I though everyone could see them but obviously I
> only see them at this
 > end. However I am not going mad as two people on another list said that it
> happening to them as
> well!
 > Its not a virus as I have up to date virus protection and anyway I ran a
> check Friday night as
> usual and nothing showed up.
 > The first two emails that I send to the IP list today showed up on my
> as having attachments
>  after I rebooted and sent further test the last two email I sent appeared on
> the list without any
> attachments.  Very puzzled.
> Jackie
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>>Hiya Jackie
>>Your emails are coming through normal at my end.  The last 4 have anyway.
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