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Re: [IPk] Pat: Saline trial


Relax (I will slap you if I have to!). I am on a 507C and have been for 
almost 3years and it is awesomely wonderful.

The "Sofserter" is magic (I actually AM needle phobic even after 35 years), 
I have no problems with it at all, wham bam, your needle's in ma'am. It is 
easy peasy, honest! There is no way in the world I would be able to insert 
one manually - and Minimed here suggest you not try without a 'serter 
because they require speed for assurance and most of us just can't do it. 
Inserting a sofset, on average, hurts me far less than doing a finger prick 
(and I have callouses from so many). Fear not fair maiden!!!!

As far as boluses and basals go, I am hoping someone will give you a little 
guidance at first (they do here), but I am positive that after 29yrs of 
this pernicious condition, you will master it fast. Trust me, I know lots 
of doctors!!!

Hang in there, you'll be fine (and yes, you are allowed to panic a bit) :)


At 08:56 PM 2/11/2003, you wrote:

>I've been told to drop my glargine by a few units (30%) to around 6 the night
>before so the infusion can start straight away. I've been sent a Minimed 507C
>to try at first, then I've been told if that works, will probably get a
>  Paradigm after the 4 week trial period. Also been sent some giving sets 
> to look
>fiddle with. Thing is, I've had type 1 for 29yrs, but couldn't, for the life
>of me, manage to insert one of these last week when I got them! I went hot 
>cold and clammy and felt sick! Argh!  Why? I don't know! I certainly have
>never had needle phobias or anything like that! I see there is an insertion
>  device you can use. Does anyone have any experience of these? Have to 
> learn how
>bolus/set time-date/set basals before Tuesday so I can go prepared.
>Brain still not in gear...never is! Organised? Moi? Hahahaha! Hubby
>  responsible for the pressies...sending to the USA! I get very brain 
> fuddled! I
>do my
>Christmas shopping on Christmas eve! Really!

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